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Building Codes







(As amended through 03/12/2005)


This building code is to establish rules and regulations to control and regulate the construction, alteration, and demolition of structures and improvements.  For the purposes of this code, the word improvements will refer to all construction:  fences, pools, sheds, decks, docks and satellite dishes.  It will also encompass all other activities, which can be concluded as improvements:  landscaping, paint, siding, etc.  This is also to be considered a basic list if any questions should arise concerning the meaning of improvements.  Contact the Office for an official determination.

Definition of Structure – Anything that requires a footing or foundation for support.  Any structure other than a house or garage, as specified in the deed, requires a permit from Conashaugh Lakes Community Association (CLCA).  See permit fee schedule for possible fees.

This code shall not be construed to conflict with state or local building regulations.  Wherever there may be a difference of standards or requirements, the highest standard shall apply.  In the event that a court or other governmental body having jurisdiction over the subject matter hereof shall determine any provision, to be void or unenforceable, such provision shall be deemed deleted here from and all remaining provisions hereof shall remain in full force and effect.

This code does not change any of the restrictions or set backs, etc. as contained in the Deeds of Conveyance or maps as recorded in the Office of the Recorder of Deeds, Pike County, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Code Adoption

CLCA has adopted the building codes recommended by the building ordinances of Dingman Township.


No plans are to be presented to Design/ Review unless the Owner is current with all dues and assessments.  If there are any unpaid dues or assessments charged to the lot a building permit will not be issued. 10/08/03

Before commencing construction of any improvement on any tract, or part thereof, and before commencing any alterations, improvements or additions thereto, the Owner shall obtain the approval of CLCA in writing of the plan and location of such improvement and the sewage system, and the construction or installation shall be carried out in strict conformity with such approved plans.  The Owner must at his own expense obtain any necessary township, municipality or other state and local governmental approval of such plans and obtain any necessary building or occupancy permits from such sources. CLCA agrees that its approval hereunder shall not be reasonably withheld, except that disapproval of plans or specifications may be based on purely esthetic grounds.

Prior to the application to Dingman Township for a building permit, and prior to the execution of any mortgage instrument the following procedure shall be followed:

 I.                     There shall be a preliminary meeting between:

a)       The Property Owner

b)       The Community Representative

c)       The Builder

 Materials required for the meeting:

a)    Two sets of plans as per CLCA Building Code.  See Article 102, Sec. 2.

b)       Two copies of the Plot Plan as per CLCA Building Code.  See Article 102, Sec.1.

c)       Lot survey by a PA Registered Surveyor showing proposed home drawn to scale.

            d)       Permit Fee $300.00, One check payable CLCA upon final approval of the plans submitted:

e)       Siding sample, color chip and shingle color sample

f)        Builder, Owner or private contractor using heavy equipment must provide proof of insurance.

g)       CLCA fully executed building permit application.

At this meeting, plans will be reviewed for structural details in areas where CLCA code differs from township code, and for items pertaining to the esthetic appearance of the home as per the CLCA Building Code.

 II.                   The Design/ Review Committee shall review the application and approve the plans or recommend such modifications as required and notify the Owner or his agent of the action within 30 days of the submission thereof.  The builder may attend the meeting upon written request to CLCA.

III.                 Plans shall then be submitted by the Property Owner to Dingman Township for their approval.

IV.                 Following Township Approval, copies of the following shall be provided for CLCA files:

a)       Township building permit

b)       Well permit

c)       Sewage permit

d)       E&S (Erosion & Soil) Plan

V.                 Upon final approval the two sets of plans shall be so marked and distributed as follows:  (1) set shall be placed in  CLCA files, and (1) set shall be delivered to the builder.

ARTICLE 100: Permit Requirements

A property improvement permit shall be obtained from the ASSOCIATION prior to the construction of any building, improvement, demolition or the moving of a previously constructed building on to any property.  Permits shall be valid for 6 months from the date of approval and issuance.  Permits must then be renewed within 30 days or they can be terminated and a new permit application and fee will then be required before the commencement of any building.

CLCA Building Permit process; The Owner or Builder shall submit plans for review.  After plan approval a $300.00 building permit will be issued by CLCA.

                                                1.        A pre lot inspection will take place prior to any construction or lot clearing.

2.        After the lot is staked out and the building site is determined and all trees are marked for removal the second inspection will take place.

3.        After the foundation is completed a site inspection to determine if side boundaries are in compliance the third inspection will take place.

4.        When the building process is complete a CLCA final inspection will take place.

5.        In the event additional inspections are required due to a noted problem each additional inspection will carry a $50.00 fee.

During each inspection photographs will be taken to record the construction process and tree clearing that has taken place during construction.  In the event excess or unauthorized trees were removed the Owner/Builder will be required to replant trees in excess of 10 to 12 feet in height.  A mix of hardwood and pine trees are required to replace the cut trees.  Failure of the owner will result in fines and the Builder will be considered in violation of the building codes and have a CLCA unresolved building code violation and future building permits shall not be issued to that builder.

Approval of a CLCA Building permit may be withheld if the contractor listed on the permit application is a member, shareholder, owner, employee, or representative of a current or prior business entity, either a corporate sole proprietorship or partnership entity and such entity has one or more unresolved CLCA building code violations with said community association.  11/20/02

Permits issued within the time frame during an eight- week spring thaw ban, will also be subject to CLCA road regulations.  These regulations are listed below.  Failure to obtain all necessary permits for the purpose of clearing or construction and entering the property without all permits is subject to a $500 fine.

No excavation shall be made on any tract except for the purpose of building thereon and not until the time when the building operations are commenced.  No earth shall be removed from the said premises except as part of said excavation.




All construction related vehicles (including deliveries) in excess of 10,000 pounds are prohibited from entering CLCA during the 8-week spring thaw.  Depending on the weather the ban might be lifted earlier or later in the year.  It shall be unlawful to drive, move, operate a motor vehicle, or combination of motor vehicles, whose total gross weight exceeds 10,000 pounds over or upon any CLCA roads during the above-described period of time.  During the spring thaw the management reserves the right to deny access if conditions warrant.  The purpose of this regulation is to protect the private roads of CLCA from damage at times when the roads are prone to damage because of weather conditions.

Approval of a CLCA Building permit may be withheld if the contractor listed on the permit application is a member, shareholder, owner, employee, or representative of a current or prior business entity, either a  corporate sole proprietorship or partnership entity and such entity has one or more unresolved CLCA building code violations with said community association. (11\2002)

Emergency vehicles such as police, fire, EMS, rescue vehicles, CLCA vehicles, propane and oil trucks, and utility vehicles are exempt from these provisions.

CLCA Security will strictly enforce the weight limit.  Parties will be held liable for any damages.  A trespassing fine of at least $50 (fifty dollars) will be charged.


Article 101 : Septic

All perk and probe holes must be backfilled or a fine of $50 will be levied against the contractor and if not recovered, the property Owner will be held responsible.  The contractor and the Owner will be held responsible for all damage within the property, or on other surrounding properties. CLCA reserves the right to backfill any holes left open after sewage inspection.

 See Article 302 for further clarification.

 Article 102 : Procedures, data and plans

Procedure, data and plans required for review and approval of building plans at CLCA, Dingman Township, Pike County, PA.

 1.                    Plot plan drawn to scale, showing or setting forth the following:

a.        Lot lines.

b.       Building set back lines.

c.        Proposed building location.

Unless otherwise provided in writing by CLCA or on recorded subdivision plans, no part of any structure or improvement shall be constructed closer to any side line of the tract than 35 ft., nor closer than 80 ft. to the property line constituting the center line of the street on which the tract abuts, nor shall any part of any structure be erected closer than 35 ft. from any other interior tract lines, provided that in the event that any boundary line of the tract adjoins any lake, pond, stream or water course, no part of any structure shall be erected closer than 100 ft. from such lake, pond, stream, or water course.

d.       Proposed area of clearing. Proposed driveway location and width, nature of material and depth.  Driveways must be positioned to allow minimum visibility of the house from the road with the least number of trees removed.

e.        Location of percolation hole.

f.         Proposed well location together with details of proposed installation and construction.

g.       Proposed sewage system showing location of sand mound, size, location and dimensions of proposed subsurface disposal system proposed and any other pertinent construction detail.  It is recommended that no sand mound be located between house and road.

h.       Relative elevations as follows:

1.       Existing and proposed ground line at principle corners of building.

2.       Finish grade of main floor of building.

3.       Finish grade of crawl space or cellar floor.

4.       Existing and proposed ground.

5.       Proposed changes of grade (if any).

6.       Each property Owner planning to disturb the soil must file an E&S Plan.  Erosion Control Guideline for Small Projects Pamphlet will be given to the property Owner/builder when submitting a permit.

2          Proposed building plans must be of the specific home to be constructed within CLCA.  No “GENERIC” plans will be accepted.  No trailer type manufactured homes are acceptable.  This does not however include modular homes.  Plans must include at least the following:

            a.     Foundation plan.

            b.     Floor plan.

c.         Four elevations, showing existing and finish grade.

d.        Details or cross sections showing:

                               1.       Roofing.

2.       Windows. Exterior and interior material finish.

3.       Basement or crawl space.

4.       Plans shall be prepared on one or more of the following standard sizes:

                 a. 12” X 18”        b. 18” X 24”        c. 24” X 36”

 3.          Prints shall be clear and legible.

4.               Plans shall set forth the following in the title block on all pages:

                        a       The Owner’s name, address and telephone number.

b.          The builder’s name, address and telephone number.

c.           Section and Lot number.

 5.        Each builder will provide for his employees during *long-term construction improvement, sanitary facilities (Port-a-John).  This will be for the duration of the project from start to final approval.  Dingman Township permit required.*Long term meaning two weeks or more where sanitary facilities are not provided by the property Owner.  Failure to provide Port-a-John is $50.00 per day fine.

 6.        Before occupancy of any dwelling, the Owner shall install a sewage disposal system of a standard design and in a location approved in writing by CLCA and such system shall comply with the requirements of all local and state sanitary codes.  The effluent from such disposal system shall not be permitted to discharge into any storm water sewer, open ditch, drain, stream, pond or lake, but shall be disposed of in any such manner as may be approved CLCA.  And further, no sewage disposal system or seepage pit, drainage field, etc., nor any part thereof, shall be located within 100 ft. of the high water mark of any lake, pond or stream. (8/96)

 Article 103 : Fees and Fines

 New Home BUILDing Permit FEE:  $300.00= aDMINISTRATIVE COSTS $100.00, 4 ON SITE INSPECTIONS $50.00 PER INSPECTION $200.00.  Permit total $300.00


ADDITIONS & MODIFICATIONS:                  $100.00 Permit Fee

DECKS,                                                               $35.00 Permit Fee

SHEDS,                                                                No Permit Fee

POOLS (in-ground or hopper)                      See Article 402 page 7


FENCES & DOCKS PERMITS                                   No Permit Fee

ARTICLE 104:  Tent like Structures

No tent like structures, garages, storage buildings, etc. shall be erected that are made of canvas like material supported by a frame.  These structures are typically for temporary use. Any structure currently erected shall be allowed until damage or deterioration causes it to fail.  This restriction is not intended to prohibit celebration type events that would require a temporary shield against the weather for which a permit from the CLCA office is required. 08/09/03. Failure to comply $100. fine plus removal of the structure                                                                      

ARTICLE 200:  Plan Review

 The Design/Review Committee shall review all plans in accordance with the Plan Review Point System (See Appendix 1).

 ARTICLE 201: Points Required

 The required minimum total points for a new home within CLCA is 1875 points.

 ARTICLE 202: Foundations

 Every building shall be supported by full masonry foundation. No piers are permitted.

 ARTICLE 203: Site Grading

The finished grade of any parcel after construction shall be such as to conform with any drainage plan prepared by CLCA and all drainage swales or ditches required by the aforesaid drainage plan shall be kept free and clear of spoil, debris or other material by the owner and any landscaping carried out by the owner shall not interfere with or alter in anyway the drainage plan. Grading should provide surface drainage away from the building; changes of grade shall not restrict or prohibit the natural drainage on the lot; changes of grade shall be minimal, consistent with good drainage, and esthetically appealing with the surrounding area. No grade changes will be allowed which adversely impact adjoining properties.


ARTICLE 300: Esthetics

The style of architecture, exterior finish, landscaping and grading shall be in keeping with the Design/Review Committee standards. Adjoining improvements shall be esthetically appealing.  CLCA reserves the right to require such changes in the plans and construction as necessary and required to assure the harmonious construction and setting of the proposed improvement.

ARTICLE 301:  House Exterior Color and Materials for Structure or Improvement

  1.   Color of exterior to be harmonious with the natural environment.  NO WHITE HOUSES.  A color sample must be submitted with the application.  Color charts available in CLCA Office.

                               2.    Siding to be wood, brick, stone or decorative vinyl in a CLCA approved color.  (NO ALUMINUM OR PLAIN CONTOURED VINYL IS PERMITTED).                         

ARTICLE 302:  Clearing of Lots

Prior to clearing of any lot, all trees and shrubbery to be removed in accordance to the approved plans shall be clearly marked.  The Community Manager or his designated appointee will then make an on-site inspection.  Once approved, clearing shall be confined to the areas set forth on the plans.  Any trees and shrubbery removed from the areas not defined in the plans MUST be replanted.  No trees in excess of        1 inch or any shrubbery may be removed within the area between any building set back lines and the exterior property lines of any tract except after having first obtained the approval in writing from CLCA. See Section 100 for details.

Burning of trees, brush, building materials and direct burial shall be PROHIBITED and is subject to a fine of $500.00. 

ARTICLE 303:  Job Site Appearance

Stumps and other debris shall not be disposed of on any property in the CLCA. The builder shall remove all debris off site as soon as possible and prior to final approval.

ARTICLE 304:  Drainage Requirements

The builder shall install necessary drainage facilities such as culvert pipes and ditches during the construction of driveways. Driveway set backs are to conform to the 35 ft. set back easement unless variance is granted by CLCA. Culvert pipes shall be installed with a diameter capable of carrying surface water from the drainage ditch.  Unless otherwise specified/determined by the maintenance supervisor the culvert pipe shall be a minimum of 18 inches in diameter.  The length shall be a minimum of 18 feet long.  Culvert pipes (smooth bore PVC recommended) shall be installed on right-of-way for all newly constructed homes, unless the builder provides a report from a registered engineer showing otherwise.  All the roads in the Community are two lanes wide.  Each lane is approximately 10 ft. wide with shoulders being approximately 4 ft. wide on each side.  Minimum width of right-of-way is 40 ft.  The end of the cul-de-sacs is 100 ft. in diameter.  From center of these roads, culvert pipe should be installed at edge of right-of-way.  Check with the CLCA Office prior to installation of culvert pipe for exact placement.  Contractor shall get approval from the maintenance supervisor for the placement and size of the culvert pipe.

 ARTICLE 305:  Heavy Equipment

Definition of Heavy Equipment – any construction equipment in excess of 10,000 lbs.  Crawler type equipment shall not travel over development roads except as permitted by CLCA. Failure to comply $500.00 fine to the property owner plus the cost of repairing the damage charged to the Contractor/Builder. 03/12/05

ARTICLE 306: Work Hours

No contractor shall be permitted into CLCA to perform any construction on Sundays or on any holiday during the year.  Holidays include those as posted in the CLCA office.  No contractor shall use noise making equipment or tools outdoors in the Community for commercial purposes between 6 PM and 8 AM.  Contractor’s hours are 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM.  Quiet hours are 10:00 PM – 8:00 AM.  Builders and Owners/immediate family will refrain from using chainsaws, other power tools, heavy equipment and loud audio equipment during quiet hours.  No deliveries will be granted CLCA access prior to 8:00 AM.  Owners/immediate family are permitted to work on Sunday only from 12 Noon – 5:00 PM.  Failure to comply is $100.00 fine.  03/12/05

ARTICLE 307: Renovations

The color chosen for a home that is to be repainted, re-shingled or resided should conform to the CLCA approved color chart.  If the Homeowner wants to use a color not approved, the Design/ Review Committee must approve a variance before repainting, reroofing or residing.  A no-fee permit is required.

ARTICLE 308 : PA Residential Building Code Article 17, Section 1076 and 1706


Fuel Tank Codes

 In dwellings using gas for heat, cooking and/or hot water, supply tanks are to be located in the rear or side of said dwellings.  The liquefied petroleum gas tanks (bottled gas) are to be set on a level concrete slab.  All liquefied petroleum gas tanks must be installed according to the National Fire Protection Association Code.  A copy of the NFPA ARTICLE 17, SECTION 1706 is available in the CLCA Office.  There is to be a 6” clearance around the tanks and regulation equipment.  Gas appliances are to be properly vented in accordance with manufacturers ordinances and/or Dingman Township regulations.  

 ARTICLE 309 :  Exposed Fuel Tanks 

In addition to ARTICLE 307, CLCA establishes the following regulation:  All exposed tanks must either be enclosed on 3 sides by lattice or natural shrubbery or may be painted any color approved by the Design/ Review Committee except brown or black with no paint over labels.  Underground storage tanks are recommended.  FAILURE TO COMPLY--$100, 03/12/05.

 Section 400

ARTICLE 400 : Storage Sheds

Storage sheds shall meet Dingman Township requirements with the color of the siding and the roofing to match the home.  Sheds cannot be connected to a deck.  Permanent installation of any utility to the shed (electric, sewer or water) is prohibited.  Sheds must be kept in good condition. Sheds cannot be utilized for living or sleeping quarters and may not exhibit permanency.  Sheds are to be used for storage only.  Sheds for Owner use at lakefront lots shall not be on lakefront easement, which is 100 ft. from the high water mark. No shed shall be no more than 12 ft. high, 12 ft. wide and 18 ft. long.  Metal sheds are unacceptable.  Timetable for completion must be submitted, voted on and approved by Design/ Review committee, and adhered to.  FAILURE TO OBTAIN PERMIT--$100.


ARTICLE 401: Docks

Docks are permitted for lakefront Property Owners only on Conashaugh Lake.  Docks shall not exceed 130 square ft. in size or extend more than 22 ft. overall from shore.  Docks shall be floating docks only, using Styrofoam or plastic drums with pressure treated lumber.  A dock permit is required with application accompanied by a sketch of the dock showing required construction, size, etc.  All docks are to be removed from the lake during winter.  No dock is permitted on Seneca Lake.  FAILURE TO OBTAIN PERMIT--$100.

ARTICLE 402:  Pools

The following information is important to Homeowners considering the installation of a pool on their property:

1.                    All potential pool owners must present pool plans to the Design/ Review Committee before installation.

2.                    Applications for pools larger than 2-˝ ft. high and 12 ft. in diameter will be subject to a $50 fee.

3.                    Applications for in-ground pools, including hopper pools will be subject to a $100 fee and must include an E&S Plan.

4.                     Design/ Review will approve site location before installation.

5.                    Applications must include plans for a safety fence, if required, which will secure and conceal the pool.  The fence must be 5 ft. high with a locked gate with the lock a minimum of 4 ft. from ground level.  If constructed of wood, it must be natural color or a color in harmony with the home.  If chain link fence is used, it must be covered green or brown vinyl interwoven with matching solid color slats.  FAILURE TO OBTAIN PERMIT--$100.

ARTICLE 403: Fences

Perimeter fences and gates shall be made of wood.  Material and color shall be in harmony with the environment.  All fences and gates submitted for approval shall be of open design and not provide total screening.  Fences and gates should be 25-30 ft. from the center of the road, depending on the plot plan and 5 ft. from the side and back lines of the property.  In the matter of cul-de-sac placement, the fence and gate will be installed 55 ft. from the center of the diameter of said cul-de-sac. FAILURE TO COMPLY-$100.

ARTICLE 404: Satellite Dish

A site plan showing the proposed location must be provided for any satellite dish over 24 inches in diameter.  FAILURE TO OBTAIN PERMIT--$100.

ARTICLE 405: Pet Pen Rule

Pens for pets, permitted within a member’s property, are to be set directly behind the house at least 100 feet from any side road.  A pen shall not be more than 240 square feet in area and shall be enclosed with a chain link fence, which shall be no higher than 6 feet.  A shelter no more than 24 square feet in area and no more than 3-1/2 ft. high may also be built. The shelter shall be placed that would not allow the pet to escape.  The flooring of the shelter may be of any solid material.  FAILURE TO COMPLY $100.00


ARTICLE 500: Electrical Wiring

Shall conform to the Dingman Township Electrical Code.  All electrical meter bases must be mounted on an exterior wall of the home.  No pole-mounted service will be permitted.



ARTICLE 600; Roofing

No roof pitch less than 5\12 is acceptable.  The roof shall be of such color as will blend harmoniously with the home and surrounding area.

ARTICLE 601: Spark Arrestors

All chimneys shall be equipped with spark arrestors.

ARTICLE 602: Chimney Enclosures

All cinder block, cement or pipe chimneys shall be finished or enclosed to give an esthetic appearance.




ARTICLE 700: Driveways

Circular Driveway – A driveway that has two intersections with the road.

Paved Driveway – A no fee permit must be received from the CLCA Office before any driveway paving is begun.


ARTICLE 800: Construction & Renovation\Additions Deadlines

The builder shall proceed with all due haste so that the exterior of the building is completed in a maximum of 3 months with the entire house having a certificate of occupancy within 1 year.  The penalty for failure to conform to completion date set will result in a $50.00 per day fine until deadline is satisfied.

 ARTICLE 801: Modifications to Code

This Code may be amended, expanded or modified from time to time in the best interests of this Community and the ASSOCIATION.  Such changes shall be approved by the CLCA Board of Directors, with a notice of such changes being sent to all active builders and contractors, and posted in CLCA’S regular place of business and each member will be sent any changes mailed to them with the Courier.

ARTICLE 802: Variance Requests

Requests for variations or deviations from these minimum requirements will receive consideration by CLCA, upon receipt of a written request.

ARTICLE 803:  Fines and Regulations

1.                    Sign Regulation  -- During construction builder signs are in violation of CLCA Rules.  After completion of the building or improvement, a sign may be hung on the structure for 4 weeks. XXX

2.                    Speed Limit  -- All CLCA roads are posted 15 or 25 mph.  Failure to observe posted speed limits could lead to a fine up to $50.00 per offense or denial of Community access.

3.                    Littering  -- No lot shall be used as a dumping ground for rubbish.  Any such violation can be subject to a $300.00 fine.

4.                    Stop Sings All vehicles traveling within CLCA shall be required to obey all stop signs.





The total number of points required is 1875

 HOUSE FEATURES                                                                                             POINTS

Each square foot living area.                                                                                                         1 psf

Roof Pitch 5\12                                                                                                                            50

Greater than 5\12                                                                                                                         50+10 bonus

Extra corners on exterior of home                                                                                                  35

i.e. L-shaped (each)

Similar homes surrounding                                                                                                          -3000 (MINUS)

If house overhangs the foundation                                                                                                 25

Wood siding T1-11                                                                                      nbsp;                               30

Other than T1-11, i.e. cedar siding                                                                                               30+25 bonus

Decorative brick or stone                                                                                                             35

Decking per square foot                                                                                                               .25

Porch per square foot                                                                                                                     .5

Covered entry                                                                                                                               25

Alternate roof styles i.e. Hip,                                                                                                         25

Gambrel, etc.

Circular Drive                                                                                                                               15

Garage:  Single                                                                                                                              25

              Double                                                                                                                            35

Chimney--Stone or Brickfaced                                                                                                      30+25 bonus