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The Conashaugh Lakes Community Association has nine standing committees.  Committees function as extensions of the Board of Directors and report all recommendations to the Board for final action.

Please consider joining a committee. Whether it is an hour at the Annual Picnic or chairing a committee; any time that our members volunteer is greatly appreciated. 


1.    Design and Review

To set architectural and building standards for homes in the community, supervise the review and approval of all building plans for homes in the community.

2.    Strategic Planning & Resources

To study and recommend plans for long term growth of the community.

3.    Recreation

To develop programs of social, athletic and recreational activities and direct the carrying out of such programs.

4.     Communication

To supervise and product the Association's official publication and any other medium of contact between the Association and it's members.

5.     Finance

To prepare the annual budget, to review the annual audit, investigate all matters affecting the budget items and direct the investment and insurance programs of the Association.

6.     Security

To study and develop the methods of providing for community security and enforce the Rules and Regulations of the Association.

7.    Rules and Regulations and By-Laws

To develop and establish rules of conduct for the community and recommend changes from time to time of the By-Laws, when and if required.

8.    Maintenance

To make recommendations and assist in the maintenance of the amenities of the community to assure they remain in good repair. This shall include the roads, pool area, beach areas, tennis courts and all other athletic or recreational facilities.

9.      Environmental

To study and develop programs for maintaining and improving the quality of air, water, and general ecological characteristics of the community.