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Welcome to our Rules section of our Website.  To view a section of this page you can click on the top banner or the blue title along the left side of this page.  The following information was copied directly from the CLCA Blue Book and serves as an additional resource for members to review any of the rule requirements.  We hope you will find this information will assist you in any questions you may have about our Association.

The following descriptions are provided in lay terms.

Deed Restrictions

There are 26 Deed restrictions published in the CLCA Blue Book. These Deed Restriction in reality are set in stone.  To change any Deed Restriction it would take a vote to change a restriction from 80% of the membership eligible to vote. An 80% vote is required to add, delete or change any of the 26 Deed Restrictions published.


The By-Laws are a written set of requirement and procedures used to operate the Conashaugh Lakes Community Association ( CLCA).  By-Laws may be changed or modified at a scheduled meeting of the membership of the Association with members eligible to vote in attendance or by proxy.  CLCA normally holds one meeting a year and that is the Annual Meeting usually scheduled at the end of September of each year. A vote of 80% of those in attendance or by proxy in favor of the change or addition is needed to approve a By-Law or a change. 

Rules & Regulations

Rules and Regulations are established by the Board of Directors with a majority vote in favor of the Rule.  Additions/Changes of the Rules are reviewed by the Rules and Regulations Committee and presented to the Board for a formal vote.  Voting upon a change to or of the Rules and Regulations take place at the monthly meeting scheduled for the second Saturday of each month.  The Rules and Regulations Committee meets on the third Saturday of each month.

Building Codes

The Building Codes are just that a set of Codes established to review and regulate the construction within CLCA.  CLCA Building Codes reflect the requirements as set forth by Dingmans Township and are sited within the CLCA codes.  In addition too the Township requirements there are additional requirements established within CLCA. Those requirements are set forth in the Blue Book.  Oversight of the building codes are reviewed by the Design and Review Committee, with recommendations sent to the Board of Directors for approval.  Building codes are known to change from time to time at the Township level and CLCA are subject to those changes.  To be sure, it is recommended you contact the Township and CLCA staff before proceeding with any construction project.

Operating Program Statements

The Operating Program Statements (OPS) are new this 2002-2003 year.  OPS are intended to provide additional information pertaining to the operation of the Association.  Each OPS is specific to the policy and numbered for identification.  OPS are presented to the Board of Directors and require a majority vote for passage.  Any area, of the operation of the Association, needing clarification may require an additional  OPS.