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Rules & Regulations 



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Complete Revision

July 9, 2005

Updated November 11, 2006

Updated August 1, 2008






The provisions set forth in this chapter were established for the welfare of the entire community. Adherence to these provisions is the personal responsibility of each ASSOCIATION member. In return for the privileges granted to you, it is expected that you will not only abide by these provisions, but will assist in their enforcement. Appropriate action will be taken in the case of violations of these provisions, as with violations of federal, state, county, township and other laws and ordinances.


The provisions appearing in this chapter are subject to change from time to time. Accordingly, if at any time you are concerned about the applicability of a particular provision, you should inquire as to its status at the CLCA office.


The future success of our community depends upon the cooperation and participation of the ASSOCIATION’s members. Your support and consideration for your fellow members will enable us to preserve the natural beauty of our environment and enjoy our Conashaugh Lakes way of life.








Article 1                                 Definitions


Article 2                                 Membership Identification


Article 3                                 Entry Rules                          


Article 4                                 Commercial Vehicles


Article 5                                 Use of Facilities Generally: Badges


Article 6                                 Pool and Pool house


Article 7                                 Outdoor Recreational Areas


Article 8                                 Tennis/Basketball


Article 9                                 Fishing and Boating


Article 10                               Hunting: Use of Firearms


Article 11                              Pets


Article 12                              Land and Property Use


Article 13                              Renting of Property Regulations


Article 14                              Sanitation Garbage and Trash Disposal


Article 15                              Recreational and Other Motor Vehicles


Article 16                              Traffic and Safety


Article 17                              Abandoned Vehicles


Article 18                              Failure to Report Accidents


Article 19                             Vandalism – Trespass – Fireworks – Harassment


Article 20                              Complaint/Suggestion Forms


Article 21                              Saved For Future Use


Article 22                              Saved For Future Use


Article 23                              Saved For Future Use


Article 24                              Saved For Future Use


Article 25                              Penalties and Fines: Enforcement








(a)     ASSOCIATION:  The Conashaugh Lakes Community Association (CLCA), consisting of all owners of lots  located in CLCA as described in deeds recorded in the Record Office of Pike County, Pennsylvania.


(b)           GUEST:  A person other than a Member (as defined below) who has been authorized by a Member to enter   CLCA for the purpose of visiting the Members.


(c)           MEMBER:  An owner of property located in Conashaugh Lakes, whether in good standing or not in good standing.  The owner promises to pay:


                                (1)           Such reasonable annual fees or dues as CLCA may by its By Laws prescribe.

                                (2)           Such reasonable annual fees or assessments as CLCA may charge for the                                                                 repair and maintenance of the streets and roads, including snow removal.

(3)        Such reasonable annual fees as CLCA may charge for garbage and trash removal to be provided by CLCA

 and which service each owner agrees to use.  (DRC)

       Each spouse residing with an Owner shall also be deemed to be a Member for purposes of these Rules and Regulations.


(d)        GOOD STANDING: A member who is up to date in all payments of dues, applicable fees and assessments.


(e)           RENTER:  A person who rents or leases real property within the geographical boundaries of CLCA from Member who is the Owner of such property.


(f)      ASSOCIATE:  A person identified by the Owner who does not reside at the Owner’s permanent address but has been authorized by the Member to be issued a gate entry card(LIMIT 2)


(g)     GATE ENTRY CARD:  A magnetic card that is issued to gain entrance into CLCA.  The gate card (access card) may either be active or inactive.


(h)     KEY PAD NUMBER:  A lot number is assigned to each property and will be used as a means of identifying the owner when verbal registration of a guest, contractor, or delivery person is required. 


(i)       COMMITTEE MEMBER: Community members who are in good standing may participate in any two (2) standing Committees of their choice at any time.  In accordance with existing By Laws, only CLCA Members in good standing may participate in and vote on these Committees.  The chairperson should make all prospective participants interested in serving on these committees aware of the voting policy.


(j)    911 or STREET NUMBER: The 911 number is assigned by the Pike County Emergency Management to specifically identify a property location when associated with a street name.  All properties with a residence will be required to have a 911 sign identifying their property.  The sign should be mounted  4 to 6 feet high and at the end of the driveway off CLCA rightway.




(a)     Upon payment in full of the Annual Dues or being current with an approved payment plan and any other applicable charges, Members will receive from the Association office, car stickers for each vehicle registered to their permanent address or name.  Registration of the vehicle must be presented as proof of ownership for CLCA vehicle registration.  Form available in the CLCA Office.


(b)     Additionally, Members may assign ASSOCIATE status (limit 2), as defined herein, to family members and others. Upon registration as an Associate, a vehicle sticker and gate card will be issued for each vehicle of the Associate for a fee of  $25.00.  Registration of the vehicle must be presented as proof of Associate status.  Forms are available in the Association Office.


(c)     All vehicles of the Member or Associate are to have the assigned identification stickers in the vehicle and displayed when parking at recreational facilities or common areas, so as to be visible from the outside.




Section 3.1  Gate Entry Card Purpose and Use


(a)     The gate entry card is a device to permit a property owner (associate or registered renter) unlimited access through the gate by way of gate card entry device.  In order to gain entry to CLCA a gate entry card must be used or Members may be contacted via tele-entry.


One gate entry card will be issued per registered vehicle.  Gate entry cards are not transferable and shall not be used for any other vehicle than the one to which it is registered. Members are responsible to maintain proper vehicle registration identification with CLCA office. Failure to update change of vehicle will result in card being deactivated.


(b)    Property Owners


Property Owners will be issued gate entry cards, upon request, for each vehicle registered under their name or permanent address that is to be used on CLCA properties, provided the owners have paid their current dues/assessments and all applicable fees.  If  any member is not in good standing the gate card will be deactivated..


(c)    Renters/Tenants


         Upon the leasing of the home, they will be issued a temporary gate entry card for a deposit of $25.00.  If not returned immediately after the expiration of their lease, the deposit is forfeited and the card deactivated.


(d)     Staff Members:  Staff members and seasonal employees will be assigned a gate entry card for use during their normal working day. Gate entry cards are to be surrendered at time of receiving final paycheck. Failure to surrender gate entry card will result in a $20.00 fee.


(e)     Delivery/ Service Vehicles:  Owners must contact office (Security, when office is closed) when a delivery or property service is expected and the property owner is not available.


(f)            A new card to replace a lost or stolen card previously issued will be issued at the cost of $10.00. The lost or                stolen card will be deactivated.  In the event that the card in question is recovered within fourteen (14) days      and the re-issued card is returned to the Office, the $10.00 charge will be refunded.


(g)   Misuse of Cards:  Cards are to be used only by the vehicle to which it was issued.  Misuse or transferral of the card without prior approval of CLCA office will result in a fine and permanent deactivation.


(h).   The Tele-Entry is provided for members to permit authorized visitors, for legitimate reasons to enter their

        property within CLCA only. Allowing unauthorized persons entry or access to CLCA is prohibited.



Section 3.2  Damaging the Entrance and/or Exit Gates


(a)     The operator of any motor vehicle who is operating said vehicle upon the roads of the CLCA shall not do deliberate, intentional damage to the entrance and/or exit gate(s) with a motor vehicle, by hand or otherwise deliberately force or attempt to force the gate into the raised position.


(b)   Any person or vehicle causing damage to the entrance or exit gates shall be fined a sum as prescribed in the  fine schedule for repairs.  An additional fine will be imposed for deliberate gate destruction.  The fine will be doubled for each offense occurring within one year of the original violation.




Definitions:  Commercial Vehicles are defined as any vehicle used for commercial business, including but not limited to delivery vehicles, service vehicles, repair vehicles and maintenance vehicles.


Section 4.1 General Requirements


(a)        A signed affidavit by owner, that said commercial vehicle does not exceed the CLCA weight and length limitation, as defined below.


(b)     Commercial vehicles may not enter or park within CLCA between the hours of 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. unless owned by a CLCA property owner or resident, used for daily personal transportation and meet the following guidelines:


(1)     The vehicle is of the type normally used by the general public for personal transportation.  (Pick-up, utility body truck, tractor or van.)

                (2)           The vehicle is less than two hundred forty-nine (249) inches long and less than eighty-five (85) inches                           high.

(3)     The vehicle’s gross vehicle weight rating does not exceed ten thousand (10,000) pounds. Weight restraint is applicable only when road ban is in effect.

         (4)      The vehicle shall not be loaded with anything, which would cause it to exceed the dimensions, or    weight restrictions mentioned in item 2 or 3.

(5)        The vehicle has no attachments in the rear except for pick-up truck caps, toolbox, and fifth wheel or ball-hitch for towing trailers.


(c)     CLCA maintenance vehicles and equipment that are owned, contracted, leased or rented for use by CLCA are excluded from the requirements of this Section.


(d)     A fine shall be imposed and a licensed commercial towing operator, at the sole risk and liability of the owner/operator, may remove the commercial vehicle found in violation of this section from CLCA property




Section 5.1  General Requirements


(a)           Use of Association facilities is restricted to members in good standing, the members of their families living    with them and Guests.


(b)           No alcoholic beverages shall be permitted within CLCA Common Areas with the exception of CLCA                Recreation Committee sanctioned events.


(c)     Badges are provided to Members to enable the ASSOCIATION to restrict admission to CLCA recreational facilities, including its pool, beach, lakes, tennis courts and ballfield.  Each Owner in good standing, upon proper application, is entitled to a badge, an additional badge for each additional family member living in the Owner’s household and two extra Guest Badges per property Owner.


(d)           An Owner in good standing may purchase additional annual Guest badges (not exceeding four) for $20.00   each. A family guest pass is also available, once a year, for a 7 day period for $75.00.


(e)     Members in good standing may also purchase additional, temporary, weekly Guest passes (not exceeding four) for $10.00 each.


(f)    Members in good standing may purchase additional daily badges (not exceeding four) for $3.00 each. (11/2002)


(g)           Badges must be worn in a visible manner at all times when using CLCA’s recreational facilities.


(h)     A Fee of $10.00 shall be charged for replacement of lost badges. A $7.00 fee will be charged for a retake of an existing badge with trade in.  Minors (3 to 14 years old) shall be allowed to have a replacement badge with a trade in every three years free of charge. (11/2002)


Section 5.2  Passes/Badges


(a)    “GUEST” and  “FAMILY” members eligible for the use of guest or family passes shall not include members of the Association who are not members in good standing.  That is, a Member or family member not in good standing may not gain access to the facilities of CLCA by acquiring a guest or family member pass from a friend or relative who is a member in good standing.

(1)     Violations of this regulation shall be punishable by a fine to be assessed against the party giving the pass.

(2)  Any Member who is not in good standing and is found using the facilities will be fined.

(3)  Any Member who loses his/her badge (s) must notify the office immediately.


(b)     Repeat violations shall be subject to amenity suspension for up to one (1) year. 




Section 6.1  General Conditions


(a)        Pool hours are set by CLCA’s designated representative or its Board of Directors, and shall be posted on the pump house or elsewhere in the pool area.  Pool hours shall be subject to change from time to time. The lifeguard on duty has the authority to close the pool at any time due to weather conditions or for safety reasons.  Entry to the pool area at any time when the pool shall not be opened will be considered as trespassing and treated accordingly.


(b)        No child under ten (10) years of age will be permitted in the pool area unless accompanied by a responsible adult.


(c)        All recreational facilities are to be used at user’s own risk.  Only members in good standing, their families and guests are entitled to use the pool, common areas and facilities of the development subject to the Rules and Regulations.


(d)     Every person must present proper identification (membership badge) before using any CLCA facility.   Identification badges shall be displayed at all times.


(e)     Pool users are required to abide by the pool rules posted throughout the pool area.


(f)      The lifeguards or a CLCA Representative, may deny violators their pool privileges and enforce pool rules.  CLCA’s Board of Directors will review the circumstances leading to any expulsion. (1/21/90).


(g)     The toilet and shower facilities at the pool house are available to pool users only during pool hours or events on the pool premises sponsored or sanctioned by CLCA.


(h)     No running, pushing or roughhousing will be permitted in the pool area. Conduct adversely affecting the pleasure or safety of others, including the use of loud audio equipment, is prohibited.


(i)      Appropriate bathing attire shall be worn in the pool.  Special swim diapers and non-toilet trained children are prohibited from using the main swimming pool.


(j)      No glass bottles/containers or alcoholic beverages of any type will be permitted inside the pool area, glass containers are permitted inside the Club House. Consumption of food and non-alcoholic beverages will be permitted at the picnic tables only.  Beverages in aluminum cans or plastic containers can be consumed around the perimeter of the pool.  All poolside garbage or waste materials must be disposed of in the refuse containers provided.


(k)           No pets are permitted in the pool or beach areas.


Section 6.2 Pool Facilities Rules and Regulations


(a)     All swimmers must obey posted rules.


(b)     All changing of clothes to be done in changing rooms only.


(c)     Lifeguards and their supervisors are fully responsible for rule enforcement, disciplinary action and other measures to maintain the proper conduct and safety for the enjoyment of all the people using the pool.


(d)     Lifeguards are completely in charge of the pool area and their instructions shall be obeyed.


(e)     Non -swimmers are not allowed in deep end of the pool.


(f)      Only one person at a time shall be permitted in the designated diving area as defined by the orange line.  Diving towards the pool wall or ladder or swimming into the diving area is prohibited


(g)     For non-swimmers, life jacket floating vests, small tubes and arm floaters may be used in the pool provided an adult swimmer is in attendance.


(h)     All accidents must be reported to the lifeguards and to the CLCA office immediately.


(i)      CLCA is not responsible for any valuables left at the common areas, i.e., pool, bathhouses or club house.


(j)      Running, shoving, pushing, and horseplay will not be tolerated.


(k)     No congregating around ladder areas or the lifeguard chairs. Socializing with or otherwise distracting a lifeguard while he or she is on duty is prohibited.  


(l)      Loud audio equipment playing is prohibited.


(m)    All trash must be properly disposed of in containers provided.


(n)     Unauthorized persons are not allowed in the pool maintenance, filtration, chlorination or chemical storage areas.


(o)     No roller skates, scooters, skate boards or bikes allowed in pool area.




Beaches, Lakes And Other Recreational Areas


(a)        Access to the outdoor play areas is prohibited after 10:00 PM, unless the Association’s Board of Directors shall permit otherwise for a specific purpose.


(b)        All recreational facilities are to be used at user’s own risk. Only members in good standing, their families and guests are entitled to use pool, common areas and facilities of the Association subject to the rules and regulations.

(c)        CLCA identification badges shall be on the person using the facilities. If the person is not actively engaged in a sport the badge shall be displayed.


(d)        Pets are not permitted on the beach area.


(e)     Food and non-alcoholic drink are allowed at the designated picnic areas only.  Glass bottles/containers are prohibited in any area of outdoor recreation.  Picnic area users must clean up their trash and place it in the containers provided before leaving the area.


(f)      Parking at any recreational area is permitted only in designated parking areas.


(g)    Children using the recreational facilities and attending community events, who are under the age of ten (10),

must be accompanied and  supervised by an adult.


(h)     Appropriate bathing attire shall be worn in the lake at the beach while swimming.  Swim diapers are recommended for non-toilet trained children.




(a)        Tennis/Basketball courts may be used only for the game of Tennis/Basketball.  Other activities which would involve motorized vehicles, skateboarding, skating, etc., are prohibited in the Tennis Court area.


(b)     Appropriate attire, including footwear, must be worn at all times.  (3/18/90)


(c)     Violations of the rules shall be reported to the Community Representative or the CLCA Board of Directors.  Violations will result in the suspension of court privileges of the violator for a period of 10-90 days, at the discretion of the Association’s Board of Directors or its designated representative.  (3/18/90)




Section 9.1  Fishing


(a)     Only Members in good standing, their families and guests are permitted to fish on CLCA property.

          Our lakes are private and they are for the use and enjoyment of all Members in good standing and their guests. However, the lakes are subject to the state laws and therefore a valid fishing license is required by anyone sixteen (16) years of age and older. Current CLCA badges must be worn at all times while using the facilities. Our policy is catch and release only for large mouth bass.


(b)        Fishing from the beach area or the boat launching area is prohibited.  Ice fishing is at the sole risk of the persons engaged in such activity and is not permitted on Seneca Lake.


Section 9.2   Boating


(a)     Boating on CLCA lakes (excluding Seneca Lake) is limited to rowboats, canoes, paddleboats, pontoon boats and Coast Guard approved inflatables.  No watercraft may exceed sixteen (16) feet in length.  Gas powered motors are not permitted by CLCA.  Boats utilizing electric motors must be registered in the State that the boat is primarily used. All boats are required to have a boat capacity plate permanently mounted.

(b)     No watercraft of any type shall be permitted in any active swimming area.  The only boats allowed in any    swimming area are boats designated for life saving purposes.  All watercraft must stay a minimum of fifty (50) feet away from any active swimming area. Diving from any watercraft is strictly forbidden.  Hidden rocks or stumps could cause serious injuries to occupants.


(c)    All boats (including canoes) must be removed from the lake after use, except where docks are available.

Boats may be stored only at Tennis Court/Boat Rack area and at the owner’s sole risk.  All boats stored at Tennis Court/Boat Rack area shall be registered with the CLCA, display a CLCA sticker and shall be locked and secured.  No boat shall protrude beyond the back of the boat rack more than 5 feet. (8-01-08)


Section 9.3  Boat Registration


(a)        All boats used on CLCA lakes, even those kept on docks, shall be registered with the CLCA. CLCA boat registration applications are available at the CLCA Office.

(b)        Any individual(s), who is not a valid member and is not a guest of a member of CLCA, who utilizes our lake(s) for boating or fishing may be cited for trespassing and be subject to a fine.

WARNING:          The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission actively enforces all of the Fish and Boat Code, Act                                   1980-175 PA, C.S., and the regulations promulgated by the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat                                                                                Commission as authorized by that law, on all the CLCA water bodies.

For example: a wearable PFD, (Personal Flotation Device), i.e., life jacket is required for each person on board all boats. A throwable flotation device (Type IV - seat cushion or ring buoy) can no longer be used as a substitute for a wearable device.  Boats 16 feet in length, or longer are required, in addition, to have one flotation device.  All children, twelve years old and younger and non-swimmers must wear a PFD, (Personal Flotation Device) at all times while underway on all Commonwealth waters.  Underway includes drifting boats.  Also, all boats under 40 feet must have some means of making an efficient sound signal.  (A referee whistle or air horn is acceptable).

The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission will actively issue a citation to anyone in violation of the code.  A copy of the Boating handbook may be obtained by calling the Fish Commission NE Regional Office at 570-477-5717



Section 10.1   General Conditions

(a)     No hunting or discharge of firearms is permitted within CLCA.


(b)     Carrying or traveling in a motor vehicle with a loaded firearm (pistol, rifle, shotgun, flintlock, air gun, B.B. gun, bow and arrow, or other device capable of propelling a projectile of any kind) without a valid Pennsylvania License To Carry Firearms, within CLCA is prohibited.


(c)           Any member entering CLCA from State Game lands must wear a current CLCA badge.


(d)     Any Member or Guest who shall cause injury to a deer or other wild animal shall promptly call the Game Warden.


Section 10.2         Carrying of Firearms on CLCA Property


(a)     Fine to be imposed if CLCA Member or Guest of member does not have a current Pennsylvania hunting license or is not behaving in a safe manner.  People, by law, are allowed to carry a firearm or bow while walking along a road, provided they have a hunting license displayed and the firearm or bow is not loaded, and is at all times pointed in a safe direction. There are a lot of people living in CLCA that hunt and have a right to do so in designated areas of the State. Permit to carry and Pennsylvania game rules all apply.


Section 10.3         No Hunting on CLCA Property


(a)   No hunting of any type is permitted on CLCA property, including private properties within the development. Any individual(s) who violates this regulation will be reported to the Pennsylvania Game Commission and a fine will be imposed.


(b)   Pennsylvania Game Commission (PGC), game laws prohibit the feeding of bears at any time and CLCA

prohibits the feeding Bears within CLCA.  Violators will be reported the PGC.


Section 10.4   Discharging of Firearms on CLCA Property


(a)     Individual(s) on CLCA property, including private property owners within the development are prohibited from discharging any firearm including air or gas powered rifles, pistols or bows of any type within CLCA community including common areas.




(a)        Common domestic household pets are permitted within CLCA but must be currently licensed in accordance with Pennsylvania law and must be housed within a Member’s property.  No pet shall be left unattended on a property if the owner shall leave the community for more than 24 hours or you will be subject to a fine.


(b)     Owners of pets creating a nuisance shall be subject to a fine. No person residing within Conashaugh Lakes Community Association shall own, possess, harbor, or control any animal which makes noise continuously and/or incessantly for a period of twenty minutes or makes such noise intermittently for one half hour or more to the disturbance of any person(s) at any time of the day or night regardless of whether the animal is physically situated in or upon private property, thus said noise shall be considered a nuisance, provided that at the time the animal is making such noise, no person(s) is trespassing or threatening to trespass upon the situated areas, nor is there any other legitimate cause which justifiably provoked the animal.


(c)     All residents can photograph their cats and dogs and submit them to the Office for I.D. purposes only.


(d)     All animals shall be on their owner’s property and under the control of the owner on said property.  No domestic animals shall be permitted to run at-large.  When the animal(s) is being walked off of the owner’s property, the animal(s) shall be on a leash and with the owner or a responsible person at all times.  Pet restrictions are posted within CLCA.

          Definition:  “At-large” shall mean any animal(s) that is loose within the community.  All incidents shall be dealt with accordingly and the appropriate Animal Control Officer shall be notified.

          Note:  Animal owners shall be held responsible for any damages caused by their animals.


(e)     Any dog found to be at large may be captured and confined in a Dog Confinement area for 24 hours, to be claimed by the owner at an additional $100.00.  Owner must pay both fine and fee before animal is released. After twenty-four hours the dog warden will be called to take the unclaimed animal away.”   ( 1/03)


(f)      All dogs and cats are required to have current rabies vaccinations.  All dogs shall be licensed in accordance with Pennsylvania law and shall display the license, rabies medallion and owner’s identification on the dog’s collar. A copy of the cat’s and/or dog’s current vaccinations shall be given to the CLCA office. 


(g)     Anyone who is caring for or feeding feral cats (outside cats) within the community is required to get a current rabies vaccination for the cat(s) and provide a copy of the vaccination to the CLCA office. 08/09/03


(h)     Animal Cruelty Law

          In accordance with the Pennsylvania Crimes Code, Subsection 5511, Item C, and Cruelty to Animals  A person commits a summary offense if he wantonly or cruelly ill-treats, overloads, beats, otherwise abuses any animal, or neglects any animal as to which he has a duty of care.  Whether belonging to himself or otherwise, or abandons any animal, or deprives any animal of necessary sustenance, drink, shelter or veterinary care, or access to clean and sanitary shelter which will protect the animal against inclement weather and preserve the animal’s body heat and keep it dry.


For more information contact the state dog law enforcement  officer at (570) 685-2495 or visit




(a)        Clotheslines may be erected or maintained in the least conspicuous area of the owner’s property.


(b)     No signs of any type, including political, “For Rent” or Realtor signs, shall be erected on Community property.   Other than for sale or name signs meeting their specific restrictions as set forth below.


          Exceptions to above are:


(1)     “For Sale by Owner” signs by the Owner will be approved by CLCA or its representative under following restrictions:


1.           One (1) sign per lot.

2.           Sign to be no larger than 12” X 18”.

3.           Sign to be posted off Community right-of-way, a minimum of 25’ from center of road.

4.           Sign must be done in a professional manner.


(2)     Name signs shall be made no larger than 12”X30” or the equivalent of 360 square inches.

Nonconforming signs will be removed and returned to the Owner, or confiscated, at the discretion of the Board of Directors or its Representative.  911 numbers shall be visible on all properties by March 2009 (8/1/08)


(c)           Property Owners shall not utilize the resources of the Community, including their own property, for

commercial purposes.  (3/18/90)


(d)           The owner shall cut dead trees when they cause a fire and/or a safety hazard and is verified by CLCA 

maintenance department.


(e)     No person shall temporarily or permanently place upon, construct over or attach to the top or sides of the absorption area (such as the “turkey mound”) of any on lot septic system anything whatsoever unrelated to the functioning of the system.  This prohibition includes, without limitation, the placement on such absorption area of any above ground swimming pools, trampolines, swing or play sets, playhouses, sliding boards, sheds, storage bins or containers of any sort, woodpiles, potted or cut shrubs and refuse of any kind.  8/1/08




Section 13.1  General Conditions


(a)     A Member must notify CLCA of his or her intent to rent his or her property and must provide a Tenant Registration Form provided by the CLCA Office.  Renter fee, outstanding dues, assessments or other charges must be paid in advance.


(b)     A Member must provide any real estate agent seeking to rent his or her property with a copy of these Rules and Regulations and Deed Restrictions and Covenants.


(c)     Each renter must comply with these Rules and Regulations and Deed Restrictions and Covenants, a copy of which must be provided to him or her by the Member.


(d)     A Member shall not be entitled to use CLCA facilities while all of his or her properties are rented.


(e)     Members will be responsible for violation of these Rules and Regulations and Deed Restrictions and Covenants and for damage to CLCA property caused by renters.


(f)      Rental Fee:  There is a Non-refundable Rental fee of $250.00, per contract, subject to change without notice.  (11/2002)


(g)    An additional fee of $250.00 is required and payable by the owner.   Any tenant incurred fines will be paid

from this balance as they become due.  Owner must maintain a $250.00 balance.  Any remaining balance will be refunded when the renters departs the Association.  (8/1/08)


Section 13.2         Rentals/Leasing


(a)     All homeowners are required to register their tenants with the CLCA office on the appropriate tenant registration form which must be signed by the Member or a fine will be imposed.


          The following information and or documents are required for leased properties. (8/1/08)


(1)        Total number of persons who will be residing at the leased property.

(2)        Names of all persons residing at the leased property.

(3)        Prior address of all persons listed on the Tenant Registration Form.

(4)        Length of tenancy and a copy of the lease.

(5)        Key Pad number (LOT number) of property and the 911 address.

(6)        Such other information as may be required. (8/08)


(b)     Gate entry cards will be made available for a deposit of $25.00 (cash) per tenant’s vehicle. If card is not returned immediately after the expiration of the period of registration, the deposit will be forfeited and the card deactivated.


Section 13.3         Insurance Requirements


(a)     All Owners who are renting their homes within CLCA shall carry Fire and Liability insurance and shall provide a copy showing proof of the current Fire and Liability insurance policy to the CLCA office.  Upon the expiration of the Fire or Liability insurance policy, it is the property owner’s responsibility to show proof and the coverage period of the new insurance policy or be subject to a fine.


(b)     It is recommended that all renters carry Renter’s Insurance.  (8/08)




Section 14.1   Garbage Etiquette


(a)     Garbage and trash shall be kept in sanitary containers, properly covered and secured to avoid upsetting and scattering of debris by animals. If such debris does occur, cleanup must be done IMMEDIATELY.


(b)        No lot or common area shall be used as a dumping ground for rubbish.


(c)        All household garbage shall be deposited properly in the CLCA dumpster/compactor during posted times only. Cardboard shall be flattened.


Section 14.2   Untidy/Unsightly Properties

Note:  Untidy/Unsightly lots create a negative effect on the property values of the surrounding properties.  Therefore, in order to protect the property values of community members, the Board of Directors finds it necessary to enforce the following regulations:


(a)        The Owners shall maintain their lot(s) and improvements in a neat condition.  No abandoned, discarded or junked equipment, watercraft, recreational equipment, old tires or other material shall be placed upon, or permitted to remain upon an Owners property.  If, in the opinion of CLCA, the property is untidy or unsightly or constitutes a fire hazard, upon receiving notice of the violation, the Owner shall remove the hazard or debris from the property within thirty (30) days. If the violation continues after thirty (30) days, a fine shall be imposed .


Section 14.3         Health & Sanitation


(a)     The accumulation, dumping or depositing of solid waste or litter on the ground, or otherwise out of doors, on any lot, the roadways, common areas, and bodies of water or other property within CLCA is prohibited.


(b)        Ordinary household garbage only shall be placed in the designated CLCA trash container at the dumpster site during posted times only.


(c)        Dumping trash or recycling at the dumpster site is prohibited before OR after posted hours or when the container is full.


(d)        CLCA will NOT collect or receive contractor’s debris. Such removal is the responsibility of the Owner and the builder using hired haulers for disposal.


(e)        Removal of such items as major appliances, furniture or other bulk items, is the responsibility of the Owner, and is to be done at his/her own expense, unless otherwise provided by CLCA for a fee when volunteers are available to run “Dumpster Day”.


(f)         No household garbage shall be placed in containers at the recreational areas.


(g)     The collection and disposal of hazardous wastes, as defined by the Department of Environmental Protection shall be in accordance with state regulations.  Questions as to the nature of such wastes and the method of disposal should be referred to the individual hauler or the DEP.


(h)     All cardboard placed in trash container prior to Recycling Program being enacted must be flattened.




(i)      All flattened cardboard, magazines and newspapers are to be placed in the designated CLCA recycle container at the designated site during posted times only.


(j)      Mixing of trash with recyclables or mixing of recyclables with trash is subject to a fine.





Section 15.1 Vehicle Requirements 11/11/06


(a)     No motor vehicle shall be permitted upon any road in the Community unless it is:

(1)  Properly and currently registered, inspected and insured pursuant to the laws of Pennsylvania, or, if different, the state of registration and operated by a licensed operator.

(b)     All vehicles must be registered with CLCA and the State in order to be operated in the Community. 

(c)    The Owners of properly licensed inspected and insured motor vehicles will be held fully responsible for any personal injury or property damage resulting from their operations.



Section 15.2         Bicycles


(a)     Every person operating a bicycle shall ride to the right side of the roadway at all times, except when making a left turn.  Proper turn signals shall be used at all times.


(b)     Every person operating a bicycle after dark shall wear reflective clothing and the vehicle shall be  equipped with a headlight, taillight and reflectors.


(c)           Persons operating a bicycle shall wear a safety helmet at all times, if required by law.


Section 15.3    OFF ROAD VEHICLES ( ATV’s, Dirt Bikes, Recreational Vehicles, Snowmobiles, etc.)


   All ATVs, dirt bikes, go-carts, snowmobiles, or any recreational vehicle designed to go off the road are NOT PERMITTED upon any CLCA Road Paved or Unpaved, Improved or Unimproved.


(a)   Snow or weather related Emergencies:  ATVs that are equipped with a mounted snowplow,  engaged in removing snow from driveways only, including their own or close neighbors (when operated by an adult), and not for hire shall be an authorized use within CLCA.    ATV’s under no circumstances shall  be used for trash runs or to pick up the daily mail.


(b)    CLCA State of Emergency: In the event of a CLCA State of Emergency where a Severe Thunderstorm, Ice Storm, Tornado or other natural disaster causes severe disruption to roadways that may prevent Emergency Services from proceeding to a property within CLCA, ATV’S may be used to assist during the State of emergency. 


         In that case CLCA will issue an emergency pass to any operator of an ATV that is willing to assist in the emergency effort to restore normal operations within CLCA.  Emergency Passes will be issued by the office.  The Emergency passes will be in effect only during the declared emergency. Operators will be required to operate under the leadership of an emergency director, whether it be local as designated by the Board of Directors or external.


(c)    The operation of recreational vehicles in CLCA will be permitted only on the owners property and operated only between 10:00 A.M. and 8:00 P.M. during Eastern Standard Time and 10:00 A.M. – 9:00 P.M. during Eastern Daylight Savings Time. Fines will be imposed.



Section 15.4:Violations and Enforcement:

CLCA will enforce the Off Road Vehicle Ban by issuing ONE Trespass warning. After one warning a Trespass Citation shall be submitted to the District Magisterial Judge for prosecution.  If the citation is sustained at that court CLCA shall  issue a fine of $500.00 dollars for the first citation plus all associated court costs, $750.00 dollars for the second citation plus all associated court costs and $1000.00 for the third citation plus all associated court costs.  If the fine is not paid within the established response time of 30 days a Request for Judgment will be submitted to the District Magisterial Judge serving Dingmans Township Court 60-3-03. 11/06




          Definition: Motor Vehicles

For the purpose of this section, the following term shall have the meaning indicated:  Motor Vehicle – A vehicle which is self-propelled, except one which is propelled solely by human power, including but not limited to passenger cars, motorcycles, motor-driven cycles, and trucks.


Section 16.1  General Conditions


(a)     CLCA has adopted all Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Codes as well as CLCA rules of the road which will be observed within CLCA.


(b)     No motor vehicle of any type shall be driven or towed in a reckless manner on or along any road within CLCA.


(c)     Stickers identifying the vehicles of Members and their families shall be available in or on the vehicle.


(d)     The speed limit on roads within CLCA shall not exceed 25 miles per hour unless otherwise posted.


(e)     All operators must observe vehicle noise restrictions within CLCA, i.e. engine revving, radio, horn or loud muffler.


(f)      After dark, all motor vehicles must have a full set of operational lights and all bicycles must have a full complement of reflectors.


(g)     Parking is prohibited on any green area in the community, within 50 feet of all intersections and on all CLCA roads including the paved and unpaved right of way.  Commercial vehicles (other than vehicles owned by CLCA) may not be parked overnight on any road in CLCA except with prior written permission of the CLCA Representative. Members anticipating the need for family and guests to park along the shoulders of the road are required to contact office and receive permission for a specific time frame which will be monitored by security for safety.


(h)     The putting of snow onto plowed roads, from driveways, cleaning of vehicles, or of any other means is a hazard and will be considered a Traffic Safety violation, subject to a fine which will be increased for repeat offenses.


Section 16.2    Vehicle Documents


(a)     Operators license required

The operator of any motor vehicle within CLCA shall have in his/her possession at all times a valid operator’s license.  The vehicle operator shall produce a valid operator’s license upon being instructed to do so by CLCA Security personnel. Subject to a fine, which will be increased for repeat offenses.


(b)     Motor Vehicle Registration Required

The operator of any motor vehicle, who is operating said vehicle upon the roads or any place maintained by CLCA, shall have in his/her possession at all times a valid motor vehicle registration.  The vehicle operator shall produce a valid motor vehicle registration for said vehicle upon being instructed to do so by CLCA Security personnel. Subject to a fine, which will be increased for repeat offenses.


(c)     Valid Insurance Card Required

The operator of any motor vehicle, who is operating said vehicle upon the roads or any place maintained by CLCA, shall have in his/her possession at all times a valid motor vehicle insurance card. The vehicle operator shall produce a valid insurance card for said vehicle upon being instructed to do so by CLCA Security personnel. Subject to a fine which will be increased for repeat offenses.


(d)     Failure to Provide Documents

CLCA does not have the authority to Spot Check for items listed above.  If a vehicle is stopped for any other violation and the above listed documents are not up to date then a violation can be issued for these items.

          Subject to a fine which will be increased for repeat offenses.


(e)     Valid Inspection Required

All motor vehicles that are required to be inspected by the state in which they are registered must be inspected and display a valid inspection sticker before being operated on any roads or place maintained by CLCA.


(f)      Vehicle Decals

All Members’ vehicles, family members vehicles, and registered renters vehicles occupying the members’ home, should display a CLCA decal for identification and security purposes. Vehicle decals may be obtained from the CLCA office upon providing proof of the vehicle owner’s valid motor vehicle registration and current insurance.


Section 16.3  Duty to Yield to Emergency Vehicles


(a)     Definitions:  For the purpose of this section, any vehicle owned and maintained by a Fire and Rescue Department, Ambulance Corps, Police Department, CLCA Security or any other vehicle registered as an “emergency vehicle” with the commonwealth of Pennsylvania is classified as an  “emergency vehicle”.


(b)     Emergency vehicles, when operated in response to calls, displaying flashing emergency lights shall be given the right-of-way on all CLCA roads.  On the approach of any such vehicle, the operator of every other vehicle shall immediately draw his/her vehicle as near as practical to the right-hand side of the road.


(c)     Any Fire Department or Ambulance Corp. personnel responding to an emergency situation in a privately owned vehicle displaying flashing emergency lights, shall be given the right-of-way on all CLCA roads.  On the approach of any such vehicle, the operator of every other vehicle shall immediately draw his/her vehicle as near as practical to the right-hand side of the road.



Section 16.4  Fleeing or attempting to elude CLCA Security Officers:


(a)     It is prohibited for any operator of a motor vehicle to fail or refuse to bring his/her vehicle to a stop, or to otherwise flee or attempt to elude a pursuing CLCA Security Officer when given a visual or audible signal to bring the vehicle to a stop.  The signal given by CLCA Security Officers may be by hand, voice, emergency lights, or siren.


Section 16.5  Stop and Traffic Control Signs:


Regulation:  The size, shape and color of traffic control signs shall be in accordance with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and/or the Federal Department of Transportation.


(a)     Except when directed to proceed by a Security Officer or persons authorized to direct, control or regulate traffic, every operator of a motor vehicle approaching a stop sign shall stop at a clearly marked stop line or, if none, before entering a crosswalk on the near side of the intersection or, if none, then at the point nearest the intersecting roadway where the operator has a view of approaching traffic on the intersecting roadway before entering.


(b)     Motor vehicle operators shall obey at all yield and stop signs.  Motor vehicles shall slow their vehicle to a near stop, check for approaching traffic and yield the right-of-way to other vehicles and then proceed with caution.


(c)     Speeding is enforced within CLCA, by a certified operator, with a calibrated hand held radar gun.


Section 16.6         No Passing Allowed:


(a)     Passing of any moving motor vehicles on CLCA roadways is strictly prohibited.


Section 16.7         Passing a Stopped School Bus with Flashing Red Lights:


(a)     It is illegal for any motor vehicle operator to pass a stopped school bus with flashing red lights while in the process of loading or unloading school children on CLCA roadways.


(b)     All motor vehicles shall stop at least 100 feet from a stopped school bus.

(c)     No persons or vehicle operator may interfere with a moving School Bus. (see schedule of fines.) (8/1/08)


Section 16.8    Allowing Unauthorized Persons to Drive Motorized Vehicles


(a)     No person shall authorize or knowingly permit a motor vehicle owned by him/her under his/her control to be operated upon any roadway or place maintained by CLCA by any person who is not an authorized licensed operator.


Section 16.9 Operating a Vehicle in Sensitive Areas


(a)     No motorized vehicle may be operated on a dam, berm, common area or beach within CLCA.


Section 16.10  Motor Vehicle Lights:


(a)     Every vehicle shall display lighted head lamps and tail lights, while operated on any roadway maintained by CLCA at any time between sunset and sunrise and at any other time when, due to insufficient light or unfavorable atmospheric conditions, persons and vehicles on the roadway are not clearly discernable from a distance of one thousand (1,000) feet ahead.


Section 16.11  Speed Regulations:


(a)     The posted maximum speed on any roadway or place maintained by CLCA shall be twenty-five (25) miles per hour and shall be strictly enforced.  It is prohibited to exceed the posted speed limit on any CLCA roadway. Subject to a fine which will be increased for repeat offenses.


(b)     The maximum posted speed on any CLCA roadway adjacent to a recreational area shall be fifteen (15) miles per hour and shall be strictly enforced.  It is prohibited to exceed the posted speed limit on any CLCA roadway.  All recreational areas shall have posted signage. Subject to a fine which will be increased for repeat offenses.


Section 16.12 Failure to Obey Direction of Traffic Flow (i.e., One-Way, Do Not Enter, Yield and Temporary signs etc.


(a)     The operator of any motor vehicle who is operating said vehicle upon the roads or any place maintained by CLCA shall obey all posted direction of traffic flow signs.


(b)     The operator of any motor vehicle who is operating said vehicle upon the roads of CLCA must obey all posted direction of traffic flow signs, road closures and weight limits, any community entrance or exit so as not to endanger other community residents.


(c)     All vehicles shall yield the right-of-way to pedestrians on the roadway or crossing the roadway and all posted CHILDREN AT PLAY SIGNS.  (8/1/08)




          Definition:  A vehicle shall be considered abandoned if it does not bear all of the following:

1.           A valid registration sticker

2.           A valid certificate of inspection

3.           An ascertainable vehicle identification number


(a)        It is prohibited to abandon or leave unattended a vehicle on or along a roadway or other property maintained by CLCA without notifying the Office or Security.


(b)        It is prohibited to abandon a vehicle on private property within CLCA. Violator’s names and address will be forwarded to Dingman Township for prosecution under the ordinance prohibiting the abandonment of vehicles.


(c)        The Office Staff under direction from the Board of Directors may have any vehicle removed at the Owner’s expense that is parked, disabled or abandoned on any roadway, berm or place maintained by CLCA.  Any vehicle that is parked, disabled or abandoned on any roadway, berm or place maintained by CLCA during winter weather or snow removal shall be automatically removed at the Owner's expense.




(a)     Involving death or personal injury:

The driver of any motor vehicle involved in an accident resulting in an injury to or death of any person, shall immediately stop the vehicle at the scene of the accident, or as close as possible.  The driver shall remain at the scene of the accident until the Pennsylvania State Police have surveyed the scene, collected all pertinent information and released driver.


(b)        Involving damage to vehicle:

The driver of any motor vehicle involved in an accident resulting in damage to another vehicle which is driven by any other person, shall immediately stop his/her vehicle at the scene of the accident, or as close as possible.  The operator of the vehicle shall remain at the scene of the accident until he/she has given his/her name, address, certificate of insurance, driver’s license and the motor vehicle registration number of the vehicle he/she is driving, and shall upon request exhibit these documents to the driver or registered owner of the struck vehicle, and shall immediately make a report of such accident to CLCA Security, and shall also notify the State Police.


(c)        Duty upon striking fixtures or roadway:

The driver of any motor vehicle involved in an accident resulting in damage to fixtures or other property, shall take reasonable steps to locate and notify the owner or person in charge of such property of his/her name, address, certificate of insurance, drivers license and the motor vehicle registration number of the vehicle he/she is driving, and shall upon request exhibit these documents, and shall immediately make a report of such accident to CLCA Security and shall also notify the State Police.


(d)        Duty upon striking an unattended vehicle:

The driver of any motor vehicle which collides with any vehicle which is unattended, shall immediately stop and shall then and there either locate and notify the owner or operator of the vehicle struck, or shall leave in a conspicuous place on the vehicle struck, a written notice giving the name and address and telephone number of the driver and of the owner of the vehicle doing the striking and a statement of the circumstances thereof.  The driver of the vehicle doing the striking shall immediately make a report of such accident to CLCA Security and shall also notify the State Police.


(e)        Duty upon striking animals:

The driver of any motor vehicle which strikes a deer, bear, turkey or any domesticated animal including cats and dogs shall immediately contact CLCA Security to inform them of the location and the condition of the animal and shall also notify the State Police.




Section 19.1  Vandalism and Trespass


(a)     Vandalism to private or CLCA property shall not be tolerated.  Violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  OWNERS, RENTERS WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGES CAUSED BY THEIR CHILDREN OR GUESTS.


(b)     Trespass onto private or CLCA property in the Community is not permitted. Such trespass will include any unauthorized or fraudulent access or entry to the community, by any person, resident or non-resident, by whatever means.  This will include, but is not limited, to lifting the entry gate: tailgating for the entry of two vehicles on one card pass: bypassing barriers: or entry through unprotected perimeter properties.  Violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of Conashaugh Rules & those Laws of the Commonwealth.  (1/03)


Section 19.2         Fireworks:


(a)        Fireworks are not permitted in the community.


Section 19.3         Harassment:


(a)     Behavior or conduct that is disruptive, threatening, rude, violent in nature that challenges the authority of any authorized personnel i.e. Managers, Pool Manager, Lifeguards, Security Personnel, Office, Maintenance and Volunteer Workers while in the performance of their assigned duties and tasks.  The fine for this offense shall be in addition to any cited violation within the Rules and Regulations when the above conditions apply. (8/1/08)




(a)     Written complaint/suggestion form must be signed and a lot number provided to be considered valid.  These forms are available in the CLCA Office.


(b)     An email or a fax is considered an acceptable form, if the email contains a return email address and the email reflects an electronic signature in a section of the email that states submitted by.


No phone calls or verbal complaints will be accepted.  Information considered as a CLCA (need to know) may be passed on to our CLCA staff and to the Board of Directors but should not be considered as a formal complaint needing a reply.







(a)        Failure to abide by these Deed Restrictions and Covenants (DRC), Rules and Regulations (R&R), and Property Improvement and Building Codes (PI&BC) shall subject the violator to penalties and punishment under applicable law and/or fines as established from time to time by the CLCA Board of Directors.


(b)        NO FINE OR PENALTY SHALL BE ASSESSED OR IMPOSED BY THE CLCA BOARD OF DIRECTORS UNTIL AFTER THE ALLEGED VIOLATOR SHALL HAVE BEEN GIVEN THE RIGHT TO BE HEARD BY SUCH BOARD OF DIRECTORS DESIGNATED REPRESENTATIVE  Each alleged violator will be given written notice (by first class mail) of his or her violation, and reasonable (at the sole discretion of the CLCA Board of Directors or its designated representative) time in which that violation, if it is a violation, may be corrected.  If the alleged violation shall not be corrected (or shall not be capable of being corrected after the fact), the alleged violator shall be given the right to be heard, and may appeal any decision to the CLCA Board of Directors.  Nothing in this section shall limit the authority or right of the Community Representative to restrict the alleged violators from use of the Common Areas pending hearing by the Board of Directors or its designated representative. (1/21/90)


(c)        The CLCA Board of Directors has adopted the following Schedule of Fines, which is subject to addition, deletion and modification from time to time. (3/18/90)


(d)        All unpaid fines and fees will be added to Owner’s account automatically after initial due date.


At the discretion of the CLCA Board of Directors, the fine to be imposed in any particular instance may be upon review of circumstances reduced, increased or waived or, in the case of repeated violations, may be increased.


          Violations of the Deed Restrictions and Covenants (DRC), Rules and Regulations (R&R), and Property Improvement and Building Codes (PI & BC) will be proceeded against as follows:


(1)    The Community Representative shall give written notice to the parties involved in the alleged violation.


(2)     The Community Representative shall determine a reasonable length of time for compliance with the rules, when appropriate, and follow up, if necessary.


(3)     If the violation is not corrected within the allotted time, the Community Representative shall send by first class mail, a letter which imposes the applicable fine.  The letter will also explain the procedure for a hearing.


(4)     The Hearing Committee shall be made up of three (3) persons, who shall not be currently serving on the Board of Directors.  The President of the Association shall appoint these members of the Hearing Committee.  Also, the President shall have the right to appoint one (1) alternate Hearing Committee Member who will serve whenever one of the regular Members is absent.


(5)      Appeal procedure:  the party involved may request a hearing, in writing, within thirty (30) days of receipt of the first class letter from the CLCA Representative.  The request may include a summary of the party’s position on why he or she feels the violation notice is unjustified. Failure to request a hearing will constitute a waiver of any right to contest the imposition and enforcement of the applicable fine.


(6)     The requested hearing will be held with or without the party involved.  The Hearing Committee’s decision shall be final if approved by the Board.


(7)     If the party still fails to correct the violation, or pay any fines imposed, the matter will be forwarded to the CLCA’s attorney and local magistrate for appropriate action.


(8)     In the event that any provision of these Rules and Regulations or Deed Restrictions and Covenants shall be determined by a court or other governmental body having jurisdiction over the subject matter to be void or unenforceable, such provision shall be deemed deleted here from and all remaining provisions hereof shall remain in full force and effect.  (8/96)



                                                                                                        If Not Paid                      Weekly

Article/Section               Violation                           Fine              In 30 Days                       After 30 Days


DRC 3                    Failure to Obtain All Required Permits                                                                            

                                                                                $100.00                $150.00                             $25.00


DRC 11                    Illegal Tree Cutting                      $40.00                 $50.00                                 $10.00


DRC 12                    Illegal Fire                                  $50.00                   $75.00                               $25.00


DRC 13                  Common Area and  Amenity Violations                

                                                                                 $25.00                    $75.00                               $25.00


DRC 18&19            Pet Rule Violation                       $25.00 up                  $100.00                           $25.00wk.          

A12 (a) – (h)                                                             to $100.00          after 60 days


A3,S3.1 (g)             Misuse of Gate Card                   $500.00 and                $100.00                           $50.00/wk



A3,S3.1 (h)            Allowing Unauthorized

                             Entry to CLCA                                $500.00


A3,S3.2 (b)           Damage to Entrance & Exit Gates                                                                                                                                    

                                                                                 $40.00 w/additional $25.00 on deliberate gate

                                                                                destruction. To be doubled, if reoccurs within one year.


A4, S4.1 (b), & (d)                    Illegal Commercial Vehicle            $100.00


A5,S5.2 (a) (1)                           Illegal Use of Badge                      $500.00


[A5,S5.1 (a)

A5,S5.2 (a) (2)                           Using Amenity While Not

A9,S9.1 (a)]                               In Good Standing                           $500.00               $550.00                               $25.00


A6,S6.1 & 6.2                            Pool Facility Violations                 $25.00 for each offense


A9,S9.1 (b)                                Fishing Restrictions                      $25.00 for each offense


A9,S9.2 (a) – (c)                        Boating Restrictions                      $25.00 for each offense


A9,S9.3 (a)                                 Boat Registration                         $25.00


A9,S9.3 (b)                                Illegal Boating/Fishing                  $100.00


A10,S10.2 (a)                        Carrying Loaded Weapon                 $250.00             


A10,S10.3 (a)                             Illegal Hunting                             $500.00                 


A10,S10.4 (a)                      Illegal Discharge of Firearms               $100.00            $150.00                                $25.00/wk







                                                                                                        If Not Paid                      Weekly

Article/Section               Violation                           Fine              In 30 Days                       After 30 Days

 A11 (a) & (b)                             Unattended Pet Nuisance             $25.00                                   $15.00


A11 (d) – (g)                             Pet Violations                                 $100.00


A12-(e)                                  Saturation Area Violation           CLCA will abide by all Sewage rules and 

                                                                                             regulations per Dingmans Township. 8/1/08


A13S13.2 (a)                              Rentals/Leasing                             $100.00


A13,S13.3 (a)                             Renters Insurance                          $300.00


A14,S14.2 (a)                             Unsightly Properties                     $25.00/daily, 30 days after notice.


A14,S14.3 (a) - (j)                      Illegal Dumping of Trash,

                                                    Refuse Garbage, or                        $500.00/max       $600.00

                                                    Litterin  Per offense


A15,S15.1 (c)                             Hours of Operating                        $25.00

                                                    Recreational Vehicles


A15,S15.2 (a) – (d)                   Bicycles, Mopeds, etc                   $25.00


A15,S15.3 (a) – (f)                    Recreational Vehicles                    $25.00 and over


A15,S15.4                               Violations & Enforcement          1st $500.00      2nd $750.00           3rd $1,000.00


A16,S16.1(b)                         Reckless Driving                         $40.00              $50.00                   $10.00


A16,S16.1 (g)                        Illegal Parking                             $25.00              $50.00                    $ 5.00


A16,S16.1 (h)                            Dumping Snow on Roadway       $40.00

                                                    Repeat offense                       $75.00


A16,S16.2 (a) – (d)                   Documents Not In Possession    $50.00  plus       $25.00         plus                $ 5.00

                                                    Repeated Offenses                $70.00  plus       $50.00         plus                $ 5.00


A16,S16.2 (e) & (f)                   Inspection/Decals                          $25.00


A16,S16.3 (b) & (c)                  Disregard for Emergency              $25.00



A16,S16.4 (a)                             Eluding Security                         $100.00


A16,S16.5 (a) & (b)                  Failure to Stop or Yield                 $50.00                 $25.00                               $ 5.00


A16,S16.6                                  No Passing                                $50.00


A16,S16.7 (a)                             Passing Stopped School Bus       $500.00

A16,S16.7 (b)                            Maintain 100’ Distance               $200.00

A16,S16.7 (c)                        Encumbering a moving

                                               School Bus                                  $500.00



A16,S16.8 (a)                             Unauthorized Operators             $50.00



                                                                                                        If Not Paid                      Weekly

Article/Section               Violation                           Fine              In 30 Days                       After 30 Days


A16,S16.9 (a)                             Driving Dams/Berms                     $50.00


A16,S16.10 (a) & (b)                Vehicle Without Lights or Reflectors   

                                                                                                      $25.00                   $15.00                $ 5.00


A16,S16.11 (a) & (b)            Exceeding Speed Limit                          $50.00                   $25.00                 $ 5.00

                                           Each Repeat Offense Shall                     $50.00 + $25.00 (2nd Offense)           $ 25.00

                                                   Increase By An Additional $25       $50.00 + $50.00 (3rd Offense) & so on


A16,S16.12 (a) – (c)            Traffic Control/Pedestrians                    $50.00


A17, (a) – (c)                             Abandoned Vehicle                         $50.00 Daily, 30 days after notice.


A18 (a)                                       Hit and Run                                 $500.00


A18 (b) & (d)                            Damaging Another Auto                  $100.00


A18 (c) & (e)                             Hitting Animals/Fixtures                $50.00


A19,S19.1 (b)                            Trespassing , within                     

                                                    CLCA (Non-gated

                                                    entry violation)                         $150.00                  $175.00                       $25.00


A19,S19.2 (a)                             Fireworks                                   $50.00


A19,S19.3 (a)                             Harassment of Office/

                                                 Maintenance Personnel             $100.00                  $150.00                        $ 25.00


PI & BC A100                           Failure to Obtain Necessary     Permits             

                                                                                               $500.00                      $550.00                       $25.00


PI & BC A102:5                        Failure to Provide Port-0-Lavs   $50.00 Per Day


PI & BC A306                          Work Hours & Noise Restrictions  $100.00


Conashaugh Lakes Community Association, Inc.

 Phone List:


When someone may have ingested poison:

Pittsburgh Poison Center 24/7 hotline                                              800-222-1222


When you have school bus issues:

Director of Support Services:  Marvin Eversdyke                              296-1884

Krise Bus Service                                                                             491-4580


When kids have health issues in school:

High School 9-10 nurse                                                                     409-2012

High School 11-12 nurse                                                                    296-1860

DV Middle School nurse                                                                    296-1838

DV Elementary nurse                                                                        296-1828

Ding-Del Middle school nurse                                                            296-3148

Ding-Del Elementary school nurse                                                     296-3125

Ding-Del Primary school nurse                                                          296-3135

Shohola Elementary school nurse                                                      296-3605


When you need a building permit:

In Milford Borough:  Duane Kuhn                                                    296-4255

In Milford Township:  Russell Current 296-5540

In Dingman Township:  Shawn Bolles 296-8455


When you want to report a pothole:

On Milford Borough streets                                                            296-7140

On Milford Township roads                                                            296-5540

On Dingman Township roads                                                          296-8455

On state highways, PennDOT                   1-800-FIX ROAD    or   296-7193 (in Milford)


When you have electric power problems:

If you lose power or see downed power lines                             877-434-4100


When you want to register to vote:

Pike County Board of Elections                                                       296-3426


When you want to license your dog:

Pike County Treasurer                                                                    296-3441


When you need animal assistance/pet adoption:

Pike County Humane Society:  Barry Heim                                      296-7654

Dog Warden:  Jim Rickert                                                        570-488-9562

PA Game Commission                                                             570-675-1143


When you want to report suspicious actions/persons:

State Police Blooming Grove                                                 570-226-5718

State Police tip line:                                                                  888-292-1919