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CLCA Easter Egg Hunt, 2006


Just Look at all those Eggs and they are all for Us!


Hey!, put the Camera Down and Help me get These Eggs.


Whoa! Dad Would you Look at the Ears on That Rabbit!


Are Very First Easter Egg Hunt!



I Want this One and This One and This One and This One and This One, And MOM, I Need A Bigger Basket!!!


I want this One, Please Hold my Basket for Me.


Come on Will Ya', Let's get these Eggs Ok!!!


Thanks Dad for Letting the Rabbit Get so Close.  Dad, Don't look At it He Might Run.


The Rabbit and The Girls. What a Nice Picture.


Let Us Pray, So We have enough Prizes and Candy for All!!!


Look She Has the Rabbit Egg.


Cool, Give Them an Egg and They give You a Stuffed Rabbit!


Look Candy and Candy, But It's my Candy!


Don't Cry Easter Bunny, You Will Have More Eggs and Candy Next Year!


A Special CLCA Thank You to all those that worked and Helped with the 2006 CLCA Easter Egg Hunt!!! A very nice Job.


Thank You, Jean for all the Photo's


Hope to see ya Next Year.